In-Class Lessons

*Available to new students only. One Free half hour trial lesson per student. Lesson must be scheduled ahead of time.

Vocal and Instrumental Lessons

We provide classical and contemporary training for beginner to advanced levels in voice and a variety of instruments. We follow a curriculum that best suits each students goals and interest while providing structure. For students following contemporary genres, we have in house exams at the end of each level to evaluate and measure the students progress. For students pursuing certification programs in classical music, we follow the Royal Conservatory of Music curriculum and prepare students for practical and theory examinations. Learn more about RCM.

Private lessons are scheduled on a weekly basis from half hour to one hour in duration based on the students age and level. Along with playing/singing, students work on understanding the language of music by learning to read and write notes and training their ear. Weekly lessons with regular and consistent practice at home helps students progress effectively through levels and become proficient with their learning.

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DJ & Electronic Music

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Music Production

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RCM Exam Preparation

In-Class Lesson Enrollment

Enroll at any time during the year including summer.

Switching Programs

Switching programs is easy if students decide they wish to pursue a different instrument or voice. We can facilitate a change within 2 weeks. Lesson day and time may have to change based on instructor availability.


Students are only committed to a month at a time. All we need is two weeks notice if withdrawing from a program.

Cancellation/Make-up Lesson Policy during COVID-19

Our make-up lesson policy has been designed to keep our students and staff safe, and to ensure they do not lose lessons/hours due to same day cancellations.

  • We will not be offering make-up lessons for any same day/last minute cancellations, missed lessons and time lost due to tardiness. Students can call the school even half an hour before the scheduled lesson and switch to an online lesson if they are unable to attend in person that day.
  • If an instructor cancels on short notice, another instructor will fill in or the lessons will be held online that day in accordance with the online lesson policy.
  • Up to 3 lessons cancelled by 8pm the night before the lesson can be made up each school term. There is no credit, refund or carry over of unused make-up lessons into the next school term. Students/parents are responsible for re-scheduling a make-up lesson. We cannot guarantee availability of any specific time/teacher for make-up lessons.
  • In the event we have to shut down on short notice due to COVID-19, remaining lessons during that month paid will be completed online.

Online Music Lessons

Chorus Music is offering one-on-one music lessons in a live, virtual learning format. Instrumental and voice lessons are available to students of all ages and skill levels. The same curriculum, structure and exceptional quality that we have offered at our school in Vaughan, Ontario, is now available to students from the comfort of their home.

What You Need

Not able to make it into the school for your music class? No problem! We have a variety of online music lessons available. Participating in online lessons is easy – here’s a handy list of things you will need:

  1. Access to a device to work from (laptop, computer, tablet, phone) with a webcam and microphone
  2. Stable internet connection
  3. Access to Zoom, Google Hangouts, etc.
  4. Certain instrumental lessons require you to have your instrument with you as well

To register for online music lessons contact us here.

Learn more about our online lessons and book a free trial lesson.

  • Parent Supervision: Parents/guardians MUST supervise a minor student for the entire duration of the class.
  • Online Platform: Zoom. Upon registration, a link with a login ID and password will be e-mailed to each student.
  • Equipment: You will need an appropriate device such as a laptop, desktop or tablet with audio/video connectivity and a strong WIFI connection.
  • Program Space: Have a presentable backdrop in a well-lit and quiet area.
  • Dress Code: Students are required to dress in an attire that is deemed appropriate in the public school system.
  • Timeliness: We are unable to provide a refund in case time is lost due to connectivity issues on the student’s end after the start of lesson.
  • Conduct: Students are expected to behave responsibly during lessons. Consistent disruptive behavior could impact learning and progress.
  • Sharing Contact Details: You authorize us to provide your personal information, such as your phone number and e-mail to our teachers to conduct virtual lessons.
  • Quality Assurance: We strive to maintain excellence in the quality of our online lessons. To ensure lessons are conducted as per the guidelines set out by the school, school administration may request to occasionally join an online session.


  • In order to participate in online lessons, please ensure you have the desired instrument and instrumental accessories at home, in order to complete the lesson (piano/ keyboard, drum kit, drumsticks, violin, guitar, ukulele, etc.)
  • You will need an appropriate device such as a laptop, desktop or tablet that is compatible with the online platform Zoom. Your device MUST have audio and video connectivity along with a strong and stable WiFi or Internet connection. Please note, the students will require the device for the entire duration of the lesson.
  • If your lesson requires you to have a speaker (e.g. to play a voice or drum track), please have that set-up and ready for the lesson.

Program Space

  • Students are required to work from an appropriate area of the home with a presentable backdrop. The space should be well lit and free from excessive background noise and distraction.


  • Material Pick-Up: Chorus will provide a date and time for curb side pick-up for the student if they need books or any other instrumental materials.
  • Lesson Supervision: For young students, it is the responsibility of the parent/ guardian to supervise and accompany the student throughout the duration of the lesson.

Online Lesson Procedure

Before lessons begin, you will have to download Google Meet or Zoom and test out the audio/video compatibility and internet connectivity.

  1. Before beginning the lesson, please ensure the student has all their books, writing utensils and instrument accessories (e.g. drumsticks, headphones, music stands etc.) ready for the lesson.
  2. Log in with the given ID and password, and have the student wait with their instrument until the instructor connects with you. The lesson will begin promptly.
  3. At the end of the lesson, the student can either record their homework, or the teacher can send the homework to the student or parent/guardian.

Ideal At-Home Setup

Piano Drums Strings (Guitar, Violin, Ukulele) Voice Woodwind (Flute, Saxophone, Clarinet)

Place your electronic device in a way where the camera is angled to show the student’s side profile from the waist up.

This will allow the instructor to see the piano keys, the student’s posture and hand position.

Place your electronic device in a way where the camera is angled to see:

  1. the student’s side profile, with view of the drum kit.
  2. OR
  3. the front view of the drum kit, with a view of the student waist up.

Either position will allow the instructor to see the drums, the student’s posture and sticking.

Place your electronic device in a way where the camera is angled to see the full front view of the student and their string instrument.

This will allow for the instructor to view the student’s posture, hand position, strumming and notes.

Place your electronic device in a way where the camera is angled to see the full front view of the student.

This will allow for the instructor to view the student’s posture, hand movements, breathing and mouth embouchure.

Place your electronic device in a way where the camera is angled to see:

  1. the student’s side profile, with view of the instrument.
  2. OR
  3. the front view of the student and instrument.

This will allow for the instructor to view the student’s posture, hand position, breathing and mouth embouchure.

Royal Conservatory of Music

Classical Training and RCM Exam Preparation

For classical music training, we follow The Royal Conservatory of Music curriculum and certification exams (RCM). Founded in 1886, The Royal Conservatory is the largest and oldest independent arts educator in Canada, serving more than 500,000 active participants each year. It offers extraordinary opportunities for learning and personal development through music and the arts in all Canadian provinces and increasingly in a number of international settings. Visit The Royal Conservatory website for further information on RCM.

Students can pursue classical genre in piano, guitar, voice, violin, wind and brass instruments at Chorus. Classical training is a great way for students to learn the language of music and develop technique, playing ability, musicianship, classical repertoire, and performance skill. As students’ progress through the levels, they attend examinations by registering directly with RCM. Visit the examinations page on RCM website to schedule an exam or review examination dates.

RCM Certification & High school Accreditation

In many school systems across Canada, achievement in Royal Conservatory Examinations is recognized for credits toward secondary school graduation. Achievement in the Certificate Program of Royal Conservatory Examinations is also considered an important element in entrance requirements for many music programs at secondary schools, colleges and universities across North America. Each Ministry of Education determines accreditation eligibility for their province. Students should consult with their private music teacher or school guidance counsellor for more details as the policies are subject to change. For details visit

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